We can't believe it's not butter or silk or sorcery! The softest mask you'll ever wear. Money-back guarantee.*


The All-Day mask provides the ultimate comfort for everyday wear.  Anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking technologies make this item essential in any pandemic toolkit.  The poly-spandex material stretches to hug your face for a form-fitting look. The ear straps are constructed of the same soft material that is gentle on the ears (we hear you, healthcare heroes). The masks are washable and reusable; providing a sustainable way to stay safe.


*We will refund you in full once we receive the mask back. We then wash and donate them to the homeless as our efforts toward sustainability and community outreach grow. 

Tone on Tone Pack


  • Due to the nature of this product, returns will not be accepted at this time. We stand by our product and will be sure to rectify any discrepancies.

  • Masks are machine washable, cold. Hang to dry.