Armenia & Artsakh

Our community outreach knows no borders. As the founders of Rapt Clothing, we are proud Armenian-American diasporans working alongside our team to bring the magic of Rapt to you. 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but we felt compelled to reach out to our brothers & sisters back home in Armenia as they had a particularly challenging year.

In September of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, war broke out in the region of Artsakh. The dispute over land was instigated by neighboring country Azerbaijan with support from Turkey. The Armenian people indigenous to these lands were driven out after 44 days of brutal attacks. The shift in focus for the Armenian people during these trying times caused an uprising in Covid-19 cases.

Within the first week of this outbreak, the Rapt team decided to do its part. For every mask sold in the months of October & November, we matched FIVE masks to be donated on the ground, in Armenia, by our very own team members who went out to help however they can. It was a small part of a huge effort, but it made us feel that much closer to our homeland. 


We donated a total of 700 masks to the people of Armenia and the displaced families from Artsakh. We refrained from photographing every moment as to not offend the families of the fallen, wounded, and displaced. On the left is Anya,  who specifically asked for her photo to be taken. She was stoked to receive a Rapt mask (all thanks to you). A picture worth a thousand words and a mask that may just save a couple of lives...